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Stacy Curry

Stacy Curry has a lifelong obsession with reading and writing; as a child she could most often be found in a library or holed up, writing half-baked stories on her (pink!) Barbie typewriter. This fascination has only continued to grow as she has gotten older and, most recently, led her to getting an MA in Creative Writing.

When it comes to reading, she has a love for memoir, descriptive fiction and her guilty pleasure is cheesy romance novels.

Typically, she works in a script or poetry format, although she'll try anything at least once! Her work often focuses on  creating an emotional response and alternate worlds, the spookier and more mystical, the better.

When she's not chained to her writing, or engrossed in a good (or terrible) book, she can be found cuddled up with her dog, saying hello to every animal she sees or drinking copious amounts of tea.

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