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Liz Hudson

Prose Editor

Liz has been waging a cunning campaign of procrastination for, well, her entire life. Her most recent schemes for avoiding completing a full length manuscript were a mid-life crisis Masters degree in Creative Writing and starting the Writing Voices website. She is now busy entertaining new strategies for continuing the cold war against her writing career.

Specialising in fiction, short fiction, blogging and commercial content creation, Liz has a huge soft spot for science fiction, retrofuturism, crime, the uncanny and genre-bending. Her first formally published short story was released by Greenteeth Press in February 2021 as part of their Horrifying Tales anthology and the second was with the same press later that year in Tales to Survive the Stars

Liz writes short stories for both formal and web publication, and is currently ‘working’ on that full length manuscript (lol). Check out her Instagram for micro-fiction, freebies, quotes, a lot of tea drinking and adventures with the Grim.

If she ever does finish that first full-length manuscript, she looks forward to shelving it next to her collection of nerd t-shirts and framed selfie with William Shatner.

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