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Created by people who love to write, for people who love to write


Who are we, really?

Writing Voices is a creative collective founded by Nic Benson and Liz Hudson. Liz and Nic were joined by Stacy Curry and Harrison Casswell as resident writers, and they set out to produce creative and writing life content. The original Write Yorkshire website went live in November 2020 and opened up to guest submissions in May 2021.


In December 2021 the website relaunched as Writing Voices

The Writing Voices scribble (as they are collectively known) share a lot of the same values and interests, including environmentalism, Northern England, and mental health awareness. The tight bonds formed during the course of a post-graduate degree in Creative Writing at York St John University saw them through not only a Masters, but a pandemic. Highs, lows, successes, losses; the trials and tribulations of writing and publication - the scribble quickly discovered that they were stronger as a unit.

It goes without saying that we are passionate about the written word, but we are also passionate about helping talented up and coming writers get some of their work out into the world. Writing Voices is very special to all of us and we accept submissions from all around the world. We are proud to help make talented voices heard!

Find out how to work with us here.

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