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We loved the light and dark imagery of Tracey Murray's poem, and how it manages to convey strength and depth of emotion via a gentle and peaceful tone. Beautiful.

Author's introduction: This short, stream-of-consciousness poem is intended to symbolize the change one person can bring to another person’s life; how a person closed off (from society? Happiness? Friendship? Love?) can be reached with acceptance, patience and a sharing of the inner light we all have the ability to create and put out into the world.



by Tracy Murray

For so long

You sought shelter in the shadows

A creature resigned to darkness

Silent, detached.


The wall was high and slick,

Impassable… safe.

You liked it that way.

What I want you to know

Is that the brightest light

Can breed the deepest, safest shadows

And in time, even the strongest fortresses

Can crumble.

I am patient, and full of light.


Author Bio

Tracy Murray is a Quality Management Systems Consultant who grew up in the Salt Lake Valley, and now lives in upstate New York with her husband, 2 sons, 2 rescue dogs and 14 chickens. She is also a fiddle player, Pirate Enthusiast, and Trout Whisperer.

Cover image by Giovanni Ribeiro via Unsplash


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