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Fool’s Requiem

'Fool's Requiem' by David Bench put us in mind of a modern-day Ozymandias, with its stark imagery and strong message; in this case, a warning from a post-apocalyptic future. David has created a richly atmospheric sensory landscape in just fifteen lines, and manages to create a sense of both antiquity and modernity through his lexical choices. We are very excited to present 'Fool's Requiem' and think you'll find it as thought-provoking as we do.

Author's introduction: This piece is a post-apocalyptic view of a world where Humankind has fallen victim to its own technology.


Fool's Requiem

by David Bench

The Machine asserts dominion

Great cities crumble into dust

As humankind

Vanquished by hubris, lies

Beneath the soundless, empty sky

Among the whirring demons of its own creation

Bleached bones bathed in the rainbow hues

Of a hundred flickering screens, an iteration

Of the faces once so prevalent

Now gone

No monument or stone to mark

The passing into nothingness

No elegy or requiem mass

Nor living thing to hear

The final, whimpered cry


Author Bio

David Bench has worked in healthcare for 33 years. Dave’s works include “Take Me to the Zoo!” and “Take Me to the Beach!”. He illustrated “The New Kid” written by his wife, Liesl.

A father and grandfather, he enjoys cooking and time with his family. Dave resides in Utah, USA.

Check out Dave's website at

Cover image by funnytools via Pixabay


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