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Bus Stop Hostage

I sit at the bus stop, waiting

a banana and a coffee in my stomach

not enough energy

for a day at work.

a school kid sits beside me

his shirt untucked

and his tie loose.

Before I can close my book

he says to me:

it’s much better init

this stop

than that one up the road

where there’s a bar instead of seats

and it’s uncomfortable and cold

and it takes so long dunnit

for the bus that’s just passed

to go up and turn round

you’d think it be fast

Yeah, I say

It dunt go far up the street.

He’s not listening to me.

That lorry’s got a leak

I wonder if it’s blood

Me dad says them lorries

don’t ever get pulled

so they can carry absolutely owt

dead bodies

or drugs or

tonnes of stolen loot

But me dad says it’s pigs

more often than not

But they keep ‘em alive

‘til they get to the shop

and then they kill ‘em there

so they’ve less time to rot

Funny that init?

What do you reckon’s in there?

I dunno, I say

probably pigs

The bus pulls up and he huffs

raises his arms above his head



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Cover image by Andrew Teoh via Unsplash


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