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A Woman in the Hallway

There’s a woman in the hallway

A tear held back by blinking

She’s writing in her notebook

To stop herself from thinking

She writes of dragon-guarded castles

And the princes that’d save her

She writes of childhood bikes with tassels

And a boy with bad behaviour

The woman bites her pencil

And scribbles on the page

Her mind is like a stencil

For pain and grief and rage

She thinks of infidelity

And a partner who dunt like her

She thinks of infidelity

And a partner who might strike her

The woman writes of yellow flowers

And a stream that trickles by

She writes of laying down for hours

With the treetops in her eyes

She writes of blossoms soft as snow

Falling through the air

She writes; her pencil moving slow

Her fingers in her hair

She wants to write the past away

Erasing all the evils

She wants to be a castaway

Or a soaring seagull

On a ship that heads for nowhere

To an island without name

She writes that she will go there,

and forget about her pain.


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Cover image by Volkan Olmez via Unsplash


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